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    Carroll Meth Awareness Coalition to be absorbed into ‘Get Healthy, Live Well’ Campaign with Tanner Health Systems


    February 2017: The Carroll Meth Awareness Coalition (CMAC) recently voted to dissolve under its current organization after educating the local community on the effects of substance use and use.

    On Tuesday, January 24, 2017, CMAC board officers and members met to discuss the fate of CMAC and how to best utilize its remaining funds. After providing countless educational events and activities, over the past eleven years, including eleven Community Drug Awareness Summits, the board decided that it had effectively fulfilled its original mission‐ “To provide support for the community in combating the epidemic caused by the use, distribution, and manufacturing of methamphetamine. It is our goal to offer prevention and education programs, as well as, links to treatment services and law enforcement agencies.”

    “Our coalition consists of churches, schools, community agencies, businesses, local civic groups, and non‐profit organizations. CMAC is committed to uniting against this terrible drug. Through our community resources and your help, we will focus on Education, Prevention, Treatment and Enforcement.”

    In the summer of 2006, attendees of the Carroll Chamber of Commerce “Leadership Committee” questioned the need for more information regarding the need for more information regarding the impact of methamphetamine in our local community.

    This discussion brought about a community forum, “Meth Summit” which turned into an even greater response by community members, thus creating the Carroll Meth Awareness Coalition.

    The CMAC was comprised of community volunteers and concerned citizens. After fulfilling its mission of educating the community, CMAC officers and board members felt it was necessary to give back to the community that offered its continued support of the years, by donating $10,000 to the Carroll County Sheriff’s Department. Sheriff Terry Langley was instrumental in allowing CMAC to flourish by originally donating $10,000 in its early years.

    The donation allowed CMAC to provide programs over the past decade without any cost to the public, which is why CMAC officers and board members thought it best to return back to the Sheriff’s Department, so that drug awareness education and efforts could continue the additional funds left in the account will be donated to Tanner Medical Foundation for use under Get Healthy, Live Well.

    CMAC board members voted to dissolve the current coalition with hopes to be fully absorbed by Tanner Health System’s, Get Healthy, Live Well, and to serve on the Substance Abuse Sub‐committee. “Get Healthy, Live Well, along with the behavioral health programs through Willowbrooke at Tanner, just seemed to fit our initiative and we are hopeful that the campaign can take up where CMAC left off with providing educational awareness and grow into something even larger,” stated CMAC Chair, Jodie Goodman.

    CMAC would like to thank its longstanding volunteers and active board members for their dedication and commitment over the years.

    For more information regarding the Get Healthy, Live Well Campaign and the Substance Abuse Sub‐Committee, contact Meghan Thompson, Willowbrooke at Tanner, 770‐456‐3342 or mthompson@tanner.org or visit http://www.tanner.org/get‐healthy‐live‐well/get‐healthy‐live‐ well‐home.