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Renovations Scheduled for Love’s Travel Store In Waco

Kevin Hemphill

Love’s Travel Store in Waco, Georgia, has recently begun preparation for renovations to their deli area, adding new equipment to help customers get their food both quickly and efficiently. Sitting just off I-20, Love’s Travel Store offers a variety of services to the community, ranging from a hot biscuit in the morning to a truck stop with a shower at night. Whether you’re looking for DVD’s, gadgets, or even fresh deli sandwiches, Love’s has it at a reasonable price, so you can spend more time enjoying your road trip. Love’s is open 24/7 and stands by their motto “Clean places and friendly faces,” no matter what time you come in.This particular Love’s station currently sits at 4,680 square feet and has been in the Waco community for quite some time. Renovations have an estimated start date of March 1, 2018.

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